🍂🍁🍂 Berries & More! 
Arriving this Friday along with Grapes, Hops, Olives, Lilacs and Flowering Quince. Cool Season veggies, plant now! If you want a stunning show of color in the spring, now is the time to plan your bulb garden. Daffodils, tulips, crocus, hyacinths and other spring-blooming bulbs are planted in fall. They grow roots into early winter, then rest until it's time to sprout and bloom in early to late spring, depending on the type. Added bonus for our area is that many are deer resistant!! Shop early for great selections.

2’- 6’ tall, 🌲 live 🌲 evergreens just arrived! Great pricing too, $15 - $120. Create lifelong, family, outdoor memories, decorating and watching these beauties grow each and every holiday season 

Garlic in stock...California White, Killarney Red, Spanish Roja, Elephant, Harvest Blend, Georgian Fire, Conventional Music & Purple Glazer. Garlic lovers...which will you choose?


Whimsical statuary and birdbath pieces--formal choices, religious figures, and assorted critters. Come see wonderful fall garden favorites like mums, pansies and snapdragons. We have lots of trees for gorgeous fall color-- October Glory Maples, Autumn Fantasy Maples, Chinese Pistache, and Liquid Amber.  We also have Burning Bush that offers incredible color in the fall, and of course a great assortment of bulbs!

Keep a close eye on your plants, shrubs and trees...protect plants by watering early in the day. Mulch your shrubs to retain moisture, don't mulch close to the tree trunk, however. Move containers to a shadier spot and keep them well watered. Check their soil before watering. How often you water will depend both on the size of the container and what you are growing. But frequent watering poses a problem, too: It leaches nutrients through the soil. Remember, new plants require hand watering to ensure they are getting a sufficient volume of water. 

2021 Bareroot Fruit Tree List!   

2021 Fruit Tree Orders! 50% Down gets you 10% Off! Make sure and get what You want! Here is our Bare Root Fruit Tree list for 2021! We are taking orders now, so if you didn't get the fruit trees you wanted last year for your garden, this is your opportunity. 


Garden beauties are here from Emerisa Nursery, 4” choices for foothill garden success, and Wild Geese Farms are sure to make you smile! Come and see all we have to offer! Ready, Set, Stock Up! We have deliveries of Pieris and Rhododendrons, budded up and ready to bloom and much more in a variety of colors! We also have a great selection of 5-gal trees: Autumn Fantasy Red Maple, Trident Maple, Japanese Maple, European Birch, Cider Gum, Fremont Cottonwood (seedless), Krauter Vesuvius Purple Plum, and some California Bay. Plus some 1 gallon Deodar Cedars. 


Beautify those planters and beds, and lawns, plant fruit trees for seasonal color, and more. See solar ornaments, lovely and lush houseplants, colorful hanging baskets, and so much more! We have Gift certificates, yard art, & tools!🌱🌿🌼💝Lots of interesting new varieties and types of fruit--over 50 varieties of FRUIT & NUT trees suitable for foothill orchards! We have Grapes, Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Kiwi, Pomegranates, Olives, Gooseberries, and Goji Berry. 

Our bareroot Roses are here, in containers fully budded and blooming, grown by Weeks Roses and shipped to us ready to plant! Price will be approx $35 for shrubs and climbing roses and $45 for small trees. 

See our 2020 Rose List Here!


Burst of Joy is one you will want to plant in your garden. Vibrant color that holds up well as the blooms mature, PLUS good disease resistance—the combination is actually very difficult to find in floribunda roses. This is a fantastic cultivar. Love at First Sight is the hybrid tea for smaller gardens and patio planters. While most reach about 5–6' tall, this one stops at about 3' tall. The ball–shaped bud opens into a less–pointed bloom than the typical high–centered hybrid tea bloom. It's a little more rounded, and the extra curve is striking. Come and get these for your 2020 summer gardens! 

We have Ground Covers! Visit our garden center for an amazing selection from Emerisa Gardens of ground covers from Scotch moss to creeping thyme, Lysimachia Goldii and Lamium. We have other products available also such as the Pest Guard for veggies, and our glass water bottles 'boutique en verre' with a lovely floral design. BPA free. 


Garden statues and “Rosy Teacup” dogwoods! These just seem to go together in a garden. We have a variety of sun and shade shrub selections also like lavender, butterfly bush, spirea, hydrangea, and Rose of Sharon. Our one gallon Western Redbuds are only $14.95 -- this is a 6’ - 15’ deciduous native California shrub with beautiful, magenta blossoms. 

Garden soil 

Ask us about our quality products and amendments! We carry Dr. Earth, E.B. Stone, Foxfarm, Down to Earth, Gardner & Bloom, Maxsea and MORE! We carry Edna's best indoor outdoor premium organic potting soil, EB Stone's organic Planting Mix, a premium soil conditioner and their Raised Bed Mix. We have all you need for this 2020 season.

Garden Products

We have garden products to make garden chores fun like plant caddies, trowels, rakes, hand cultivators, and rose gloves to protect your arms while pruning. We carry Beats Peat - a compressed bale that expands to start seeds or add to your soils; watering wicks to reduce your garden work. 

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