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Garden in the rain with lovely houseplants!

Fab houseplants, African violets, colorful begonias, flowering primrose & cyclamen, fruit trees, gift certificates, Earthquest gems and minerals, plus garden art goodies! 

SIX varieties of SEED POTATOES now in stock at $3.99/lb!

Nearly 700 “bare root beauties” ready and waiting for a home. Dave Wilson Nursery’s finest!

Allium 💜 Crocus ❤️ Daffodil 💜 Hyacinth and many other beauties like Iris, Lily, Scilla, Tulip, and Snowdrop! Plant mid-season and late season bulbs!

Citrus Trees

Lemon, Mandarin, Orange, Lime, Grapefruit

2024 Fruit Nuts Bare root list -- Click Here

**Farmers Mar
ket Fruit **
2023 Potted Fruit Availability

Ridge Road Garden Center has been home to an impressive collection of flowers, plants, trees, gardening tools, soil, ground covers, seeds, bulbs, and garden products since we first opened. We believe that everyone should give gardening a try, and we’re here to help make that happen. From beginners to seasoned gardeners, we’ll help make your space greener. Our Garden Center boasts a diverse and ever-changing selection of plants, home and gardening items, and pots. Make sure to visit our nursery to discover an oasis full of greenery to make your own.

We have wonderful  selections including Butterfly Bush, Cyclamen, Pansies, Pieris, Primroses, Daphne, Ceanothus, and African Violets 


Cooler weather flowers to plant are Primrose, Pansies, Snapdragons, Iceland Poppy, Calendula, Stock, & Violas  


Our gorgeous, beautifully grown, bareroot roses will arrive by April! Burst of Joy is one rose you will want to plant in your garden. Vibrant color that holds up well as the blooms mature, PLUS good disease resistance—the combination is actually very difficult to find in floribunda roses. This is a fantastic cultivar. Love at First Sight is a hybrid tea rose for smaller gardens and patio planters. While most reach about 5–6' tall, this one stops at about 3' tall. Be thinking and planning your best choices for your gorgeous 2024 Rose garden! 

EARTHQUEST MINERALS! Lovely Agates, amethyst cathedrals, petrified wood pieces, minerals, jewelry and more for that special person! Must see!


A GIFT CERTIFICATE to Ridge Road Garden Center. Shopping made easy! We are happy to take payment over the phone, mail the certificate to you or your recipient; or arrange for pick up. Thanks for shopping local!


Try Anthony Waterer Spirea this year! Brighten up wide-open spaces with this plant. It grows well throughout USDA hardiness zones 4-8 in full sun, partial shade and in any kind of well-drained soil. Mulch between plants and keep new mass plantings weeded until the plants grow together and touch. These fire-wise shrubs are often listed for use in Defensible Space Zones around your home. These produce pretty early-season flowers, which play an important role in pollination. Plant near your edible landscape, veggie garden, or backyard orchard to entice pollinators and control pests. Enjoy this tough little shrub that won't require much care. Anthony Waterer Spirea gives you a variable and lively dash of color spring through fall and often through mid-December. 

We have interesting selections in all seasons! We carry groundcover selections from Emerisa Gardens of Scotch moss, creeping thyme, Lysimachia Goldii, and Lamium. Garden selections such as tall grasses look magnificent with snow on them in winter months and provide garden interest year round! Plan your garden with vibrant, colorful choices for every season! Your garden is a living thing; keep it vibrant, interesting with lovely plants any time of year

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