Looking for that special item to brighten up your garden?

We have a fabulous selection of plants, trees and shrubs —all beautifully grown for a successful garden. You'll find a selection of flowering bulbs that can be planted for spring, summer or for winter blooming. We offer a huge selection each spring and fall of fruits, vegetables and herbs. Add texture and color with any of our striking ornamental grasses. Trees provide shelter, shade, and clean air as well as beauty. A favorite for so many because they add color, texture and so much interest on top of being water-wise, succulents & cacti are great choices. Visit us soon!

Live trees - (1 gallon- 10 gallon). Ample choices from 18” to 6’ tall. Spruce varieties:  Alberta, Black Hills, Colorado Blue, Norway and Siberian. Also, Scotch Pine! $20 - $140

The Kneeling Bench! Versatile, functional, sturdy and lightweight. ⭐️A WINNER⭐️

Birdbaths! Attract birds to the yard while adding a pop of color and stylish design!

EARTHQUEST MINERALS! Agates, amethyst cathedrals, petrified wood pieces, minerals, jewelry and more!

Keep plants cozy with the Easy Tunnel! Breathable fabric allows sunshine and moisture in, while providing protection from frost, weather and pests.

Onion sets…25 ct. bundles / $3.99 
Candy Apple Red & Candy Yellow


Bareroot Fruit just arrived from Dave Wilson Nursery. Potted and ready! Blue, black and red raspberries, hardy kiwis, pomegranates, figs, table and wine grapes, olives and hops.  

Bulk GARLIC is HERE‼️We have Spanish Roja, Early Purple Italian, California Late White, and Elephant garlic plus what you need to plant them. Plant now before more rains come! We have a vast array of spring bulbs; Daffodils, Tulips, Narcissus, Allium, Crocus, and so many more to plant for lovely early and late spring blooms for your gardens. Plant wide swaths of one type this coming year for a wonderful visual impact!


Our 2022 bareroot Fruit & Nut Tree plus Ornamental list is now available! Click Here to see what we offer! Enhance your garden with lovely & delicious fruit and nut trees. The recent rains have made the ground a perfect time to plant!


See gorgeous rose varieties on the Weeks Rose catalog. Our gorgeous Roses come planted, beautifully grown by Weeks Roses! Dormant/Potted roses should arrive in mid-late February 2022. Reserve your favorites now, and Order soon! See our 2022 Rose selections here!

Garden Display

This is the perfect time to order Roses~-you can never have too many of these gorgeous beauties! Many colors, some with scent, others not... climbing, floribunda, hybrid teas, grandiflora, and polyantha; there are old-fashioned and modern roses, too. If you can't wait until spring, the Christmas Rose, also known as a hellebore, or Lenten Rose is a fantastic plant to watch bloom in winter (Photo left). These gorgeous flowers are best reserved for borders and patios where they will flourish best. It is flush with bold blooms, making it a welcome sight in the middle of winter. To encourage more stems, grow your cactus as a hanging plant or place it somewhere where it has room to drape. It prefers partial shade or diffused light. Allow the soil to dry almost completely between watering's. Its blooms are reddish or pink with smooth, rounded edges on stem segments.



A GIFT CERTIFICATE to Ridge Road Garden Center. Shopping made easy! We are happy to take payment over the phone, mail the certificate to you or your recipient; or arrange for drive-thru pick up. Thanks for shopping local!


Beautify those planters and beds, and lawns, and order your Fruit & Nut trees. To see our 2022 List, Click Here


See our new Garden T-shirts, so fun to wear any time. We also carry solar ornaments, lovely and lush houseplants, garden accessories, and so much more! We have Gift Certificates, yard art, & tools!🌱🌿🌼💝Lots of interesting new varieties and types of fruit--over 50 varieties of FRUIT & NUT trees suitable for foothill orchards! We have Grapes, Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Kiwi, Pomegranates, Olives, Gooseberries, and Goji Berry. 

We have roses! Burst of Joy is one rose you will want to plant in your garden. Vibrant color that holds up well as the blooms mature, PLUS good disease resistance—the combination is actually very difficult to find in floribunda roses. This is a fantastic cultivar. Love at First Sight is the hybrid tea rose for smaller gardens and patio planters. While most reach about 5–6' tall, this one stops at about 3' tall. The ball–shaped bud opens into a less–pointed bloom than the typical high–centered hybrid tea bloom. It's a little more rounded, and the extra curve is striking. Come and get one of these for your gardens! 

We have beautiful blooming flowers in all seasons! Come in for colorful pansies, and cyclamens along with an amazing selection from Emerisa Gardens of ground covers from Scotch moss to creeping thyme, Lysimachia Goldii and Lamium. We have selections such as tall grasses, too which look magnificent with snow on them!