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Organic Red Chesnok
Purple Glazer
Spanish Rojo

We have Bare root Fruit & Nut 2023 (arriving early January)

We are ready to take advance orders and answer questions about the products. 

We will have many tasty selections to choose from.

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Potted Farmers Market Fruit 2022

(arriving late Nov)

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Stop by for some cool deals in our air conditioned nursery! We have So many wonderful seasonal selections for your fall gardens like pumpkins, purple fountain grass, gazanias, mums and violas! Indoor Air plants are so easy care... we also carry a variety of groundcovers, hanging baskets, succulents & cacti, shrubs and more — all beautifully grown for a successful garden. You'll find a selection of fall bulbs and robust house plants that live for years, providing beauty, a healthier indoor environment, and new excitement to your indoor garden! See our wide seed selection, also!


Our gorgeous, beautifully grown bare root roses will arrive in February 2023! Beautiful  selections; order now and buy for your gorgeous 2023 gardens! 

See our 2023 Rose selection soon!


Live trees - (1 gallon- 10 gallon). Ample choices from 18” to 6’ tall. Spruce varieties:  Alberta, Black Hills, Colorado Blue, Norway and Siberian. Also, Scotch Pine! $20 - $140

The Kneeling Bench! Versatile, functional, sturdy and lightweight. ⭐️A WINNER⭐️

Birdbaths! Attract birds to your yard year-long while adding interest with stylish design!

EARTHQUEST MINERALS! Lovely Agates, amethyst cathedrals, petrified wood pieces, minerals, jewelry and more for that special person! 

Enhance your garden next year with lovely & delicious Lemon or Lime trees! Beautiful fragrant blooms, and provides an awesome citrus harvest.



They love the heat! Be sure to keep them well-watered and mulched although it's about time for blooms to cease. You can never have too many of these gorgeous beauties, so check out our 2023 Rose list! Many colors, some scented, others not... climbing, floribunda, hybrid teas, grandiflora, and polyantha; there are old-fashioned and modern roses, too. 



A GIFT CERTIFICATE to Ridge Road Garden Center. Shopping made easy! We are happy to take payment over the phone, mail the certificate to you or your recipient; or arrange for drive-thru pick up. Thanks for shopping local!


Burst of Joy is one rose you will want to plant in your garden. Vibrant color that holds up well as the blooms mature, PLUS good disease resistance—the combination is actually very difficult to find in floribunda roses. This is a fantastic cultivar. Love at First Sight is the hybrid tea rose for smaller gardens and patio planters. While most reach about 5–6' tall, this one stops at about 3' tall. The ball–shaped bud opens into a less–pointed bloom than the typical high–centered hybrid tea bloom. It's a little more rounded, and the extra curve is striking. Come and get one of these for your gardens! 

We have beautiful blooming flowers in all seasons! Come in for colorful Petunias, Marigolds, mums, Coneflowers, Daisies, Salvia, Coreopsis, Gaura, phlox, Mandevilla, Foxglove, Rose of Sharon and more (depending on the season). We carry groundcover selections from Emerisa Gardens of Scotch moss, creeping thyme, Lysimachia Goldii, and Lamium. Garden selections such as tall grasses look magnificent with snow on them in the coming winter months! Fall is coming, plant your gardens with lovely fall choices! Your garden is a living thing, keep it vibrant, interesting and full of lovely things.