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Visit our Garden Center soon! We have developed a superior, professional line with hundreds of top quality, brand-name products for successful gardening. Fertilizer lines include "Max Sea", one of our best sellers made with nutrients from the ocean and great for all plants. It isn’t too early to get a jump start on the next growing season. There’s usually something to do in your garden at any point of the year. It could be actual hands-on chores or preparing for the next season. We have a selection of soils and compost from EB Stone besides the seasonal products you need for your trees, fruit trees and garden plants:

*Edna's best indoor outdoor premium organic potting soil
*EB Stones organic Planting Mix a premium soil conditioner 

*Raised Bed Mix that can be planted right into! 

*Organic Compost that is a compost like compost use to be.  Rich and beautiful.


We carry a dry kelp meal, an EB Stone product that can be worked into the soil. Organic lines also include "Down to Earth", E. B. Stone's full line and Dr. Earth products. We carry the best mulch and planting mix to give your plants a head start; keep them happy all season long. Our professional line of products include Bolero, and Captain Jack's products, safe for your fruit, vegetables, citrus and grapes. Oh My!™ brand of all-natural moisturizing goat milk soaps and coordinating bath and body products also! Palm-oil-free, made in the USA/VA Beach Handcrafted, see more here:

NuVue's all season pop-open Pest Covers provide a barrier to protect all types of plants against troublesome animals. They are great for those who are gardening organically and are tired of harmful pesticides. Don't let pests take over your garden and cause destruction. With the NuVue Pest Guard Cover, you're able to keep deer and other animals safely at bay. This uniquely designed plant cover has a wide square mesh design that allows air and water to get to your plants. The domed design is easy to use and protects your treasured plants without the need for harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Heavy duty for deer, rabbits, birds, etc., yet light weight and attractive.
Protects plants and vegetation from hungry deer, birds, and other small rodents.
Pesticide Free Protection.
Pops open for quick, easy setup and stows flat in the off seasons. Reusable year after year.
Includes 4 ground spikes.

Earth Edge Garden kneeling pad that has a bit extra room and is made to last! Experience comfort and protect your knees anywhere with the Earth Edge Kneeling Pad! Incredibly Soft and Supportive, made of NBR Rubber (20% Recycled Material), Washable, Oil and Grease Resistant. 

Bendable moss poles for your climbing plants and vines. A great plant support for larger, indoor plants. 

Rain gauges to keep track of the rainfall, whether used to measure rain during a storm or to determine water usage from your irrigation system. We carry a EZ Read High Visibility one and a decorative rain gauge also.

The cutest gifts from Universal Ironworks are sure to please our Foothill neighbors! Check out our 19oz floral glass water bottles, bpa free also, and so many more items!

Boss Guard Rose gloves to get your rose pruning started! Professional Rose Pruning Thorn-proof Gardening Gloves with Extra Long Forearm Protection, Puncture Resistant.

Neem Dormant oil spray for your fruit trees; this spraying helps control over-wintering insects and diseases. Apples, crab apples, plums, peaches, quince and pears all benefit from dormant oil. Late winter and early spring, when the temperatures are barely above freezing, is the time to apply the best preventative for scale and mites. Dormant oil sprays are used on fruit trees before the buds begin to swell and suffocate insects and their eggs nesting in branches. Apply according to label instructions. If peach leaf curl or aphids were a problem for you last year, spraying a good dormant spray can help. Applications of Liqui Cop for disease and Horticultural Oil for Insects can lesson the occurrence of fruit tree problems next season!


Bonide Neem Oil Concentrate is an all purpose solution perfect for organic gardening. This product is made from neem seeds and acts as a fungicide, insecticide, and miticide. SNS 244 is made from 100% pure, food-grade ingredients that work fast to kill existing plant diseases and prevent new fungal problems from starting. Approved for organic gardening.


Bonide Liquid Copper Fungicide controls a large variety of plant diseases including peach leaf curl, powdery mildew, black spot, rust, anthracnose, fire blight and bacterial leaf spot. Use on vegetables, roses, fruits and turf. *See garden aids and fine products from Safer, Monterey, and Bonide for your organic gardening needs:

The Smart Pot, you can grow almost anything in a Smart Pot! Vegetables, herbs, flowers, and more. These fabric growing containers improve drainage and keep the root system from overheating on hot days. Smart Pot's aeration design then allows the air to prune the plant root structure and prevents plants from becoming root-bound! Due to the aeration , plant roots grow into the soft surface of Smart Pot causing the root system to expand greatly becoming thick and healthy.

Gardener's Tool Seat, this lightweight steel and water-resistant, nylon garden stool combines the features of a tool bag and a folding chair. The bag detaches easily from the frame via hook-and-loop fasteners and has two carrying handles, 21 pockets for different sized tools, and a large catch-all interior. Perfect for gardeners in search of some organic organization.

Visit our garden nursery! We have a wonderful assortment of products, including:

Our Garden Center also carries manure, cedar mulch, small bark and much more. It's almost time to renew the mulch for your roses and frost tender shrubs for winter. We have everything you need for your garden! Our inventory is expanded regularly, offering you the latest in garden products. We also offer sod from Delta Blue Grass. We need a few days lead time for ordering from the day the customer wants to have it delivered. For comprehensive information, visit our Soil page

We carry a variety of garden art and accessories --  bird baths, garden lattice, statuary, garden artifacts and more. Floating solar dragonfly lanterns will bring beauty to ponds and water structures. We also carry purple geodes and stones--so gorgeous. Earthquest Minerals Whether to add to your own collection or a treat-yourself moment, rocks and gems make a great gift for anyone; there are purple geodes and stones, amethyst, petrified wood, fluorite rings, jewelry, pyrite, quartz, and selenite. We also carry  wonderful reflective garden spheres which make great gifts any time of year. Check out the garden center for seasonal products and gifts as well, many locally made. We are your All Season garden center!

We carry "Lil T's" organic, locally made lotions, lip balms and salves. Try our Goat Milk Soap; regular use can relieve symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis. Who doesn't love fruity floral? This wonderful, bright scent of tart berries & modern floral is well balanced by a mellow & natural vanilla, bringing together a spa-like experience that will leave your mind & soul in complete harmony. What a fun and unusual gift this would be any time of year!


We carry Epoch eye wear safety glasses in all shades and colors. Whether you are playing golf on an overcast day or riding your motorcycle on the bright open road, Epoch Eye wear offers the right lens technology for your eyes.

Note: Some products may no longer be available.

The gift shop is 1600 square feet of unique and often one-of-a-kind gifts, seeds, bulbs, baskets, garden accessories, herbal garden aids, garden gnomes, garden gloves, pruners and shears, vases, organic skin and bath products, besides various lush, green house plants in handsome pots including violets and Gro lights. We receive products throughout the year, so check back often to see what's new! We have solutions for any garden problems. 


Gift Certificates are available in any denomination and can be used towards any purchase. Anyone would surely welcome a gift from The Ridge Road Garden Center. So much to choose from, so much to see! Stop in soon and peruse our wonderful array of unique selections, plants, gifts, tools & more!


Indoor Plants

Unusual garden plants

Adding lush, green foliage to your space is a great way to enliven your setting, increase the oxygen in the room, and bring added life and beauty to those porches, breezeways or bright rooms. Having indoor green plants add warmth, ambiance, and purify the air in your home/office. Many types of plants have the natural power to clean the air, especially in enclosed spaces that have very little airflow. If you add some air purifying plants to your setting, you’ll likely be able to breathe a whole lot easier. See our selection of Air plants, also... low maintenance. It's always a great time to bring the garden indoors.  


Seasonal Selections

Pretty Garden Flowers

Colorful plants are pretty, so be sure to plant some this spring; we will have a wonderful selection for you to choose from. See our wonderful garden accessories like the colorful mosaic sphere and other unique creations. Our Garden Center has everything you need to ensure beautiful gardens, cheerful patios and breezeways. We have an abundance of plants and bulbs besides citrus, fruit, nut, and shade trees! We also have Grass selections and a variety of groundcovers. Selections continue to change through the year, so visit us at the garden nursery often! It's almost spring, get ready for a busy season!

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