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The Ridge Road Garden Center is situated on one acre in the foothills in Pine Grove, CA; the gift shop is 1600 square feet of unique and often one-of-a-kind gifts. There’s usually something to do in your garden at any time of year. It could be planting bareroot roses, shade or fruit trees, bulbs, stately grasses, groundcovers or rhizomes and corms for delightful blooms like Gladiolus. We have aids for hands-on chores or tools for planting season. Visit our nursery for gorgeous, seasonal selections! You're sure to see something you love!


Bulk planter’s mix, compost, gorilla hair cedar bark, plus all the bagged soils, bark and manure!


Colder weather, rain and snow, darker nights... no problem for these perennials! Plant Barberry shrubs and showy Evergreens, amazing Nandina and Grasses!

2024 Fruit Nuts Bare root list -- Click Here

**Farmers Market Fruit **
2023 Potted Fruit Availability

We offer Gift certificates so they can choose from a diverse garden and nursery selections: bird houses, house plants, yard art, bulbs, seed selections, gems, unique planters, potted plants, bird baths, ornamental grasses & more!🌱🌿🌼💝 Check out our abundance of lovely perennials as the seasons progress. Remember: If you want a stunning show of color for spring or summer, planting bulbs is a simple and inexpensive way to add splashes of color to your landscape. Your bulbs will work as nature intended by breaking through the soil when conditions are optimal for your area. Look for mid-season and late-season blooming bulbs! Added bonus for our area is that many bulbs are deer resistant! Extend the bloom season by planting bulbs in succession, weeks apart!

Blue fescue is a most amazing grassy plant which is ice blue/gray and stands up to the hottest day, or relaxes in a bit of shade. In summer, it throws out seed heads on long, willowy stems from the center of the spiky, blue mass. This is a very drought-tolerant plant. Try pairing it with a lovely pink Carnation, stunning! Besides the usual favorites, consider planting something new and different, like Dahlias, Anemones, Gladiolus, Ranunculus, Oriental Lilies, Buddleia, Canna, or Freesia. All lovely, colorful and they bloom annually for glorious color explosions! Try a Rose of Sharon with abundant flowers. It's drought tolerant, too! 

Plants that work hard for you such as Cyclamen, Primrose, nasturtiums and geraniums all have long bloom periods and are great for every garden's early seasons. There is such an abundance of seasonal perennials for your gardens. Don't forget about bluebells; blue Scilla are the perfect low-maintenance flowers and the bulbs can be planted now. These gorgeously-hued blooms can thrive in Zones 2-10 and are ultra-durable, blooming for years in your garden. Wonderful ornamental grasses will enhance your gardens, also. Try something new this year!


Wonderful Gifts!

So many selections are sure to please our foothill neighbors! The Garden Center has wonderful items for all the special occasions in your lives -- birthdays, graduations, holidays, retirement, 'Get Well' gifts, home warming gifts, anniversaries, gifts for new mothers and fathers, too. If you can't decide, then a Gift Certificate is always perfect!


We also have great gifts for yourself or your favorite gardener: Frost cloths, Rain gauges, Battery operated mister, bendable moss poles, garden knee pads, Renee's Garden Seed varieties, a garden bench, special t's for your gardener, garden books, planting mix, statuary, wind chimes, lovely gazing balls, garden art, solar lights, garden pots, and tools besides an array of beautiful house plants. Selections change seasonally and often, even weekly. We carry local artists' copper mobiles, gourd art, water color cards, gemstones & minerals, soy candles and other specials throughout the year! 

House plants & More!

You'll love our comprehensive shade plant section under the arbor; lush and beautiful, with garden statuary and whimsical garden décor. We carry ferns, houseplants, caladium, nettle, Peace lily, callas, coleus, impatiens & others, depending on the season. Remember that luscious green houseplants also provide more oxygen for your homes, especially nice in winter. Stop by soon and browse our Garden Center and Nursery! 


Seasonal News & Arrivals

If you plant soon, you’ll have a bountiful crop of potatoes! Exciting and fun to plant and harvest!


SIX varieties of SEED POTATOES now in stock! $3.99/lb


We have BULBS! Our selection is exciting and the flowers perfect for brightening up gardens, yards, porch pots and urns, for many years to come. Check our locally-made pottery for all your indoor and outdoor plant needs. Colorful Mexican pottery has come in also!

We have bendable moss poles for your climbing plants or to support heavy plants, rain gauges, frost cloths, garden tools, shears, rose gloves, knee pads, garden pots, vases, hanging baskets, and garden statuary. We also have lotions for those hard working hands, and solar lights to beautify your gardens on perfect starlit nights. Beautiful plants, and other garden goodies too, like colorful garden books and hats for your favorite gardeners this coming spring and summer!

See our Products 


The Ridge Road nursery is stocked with beautiful seasonal plants, flowers, shrubs, trees, ground covers, birdbath designs, besides a bounty of wonderful gift items from our Garden Center. Check out our various planters, pruning shears, garden products, and more. It's time to dig in for the busy 2024 planting season ahead; buy new pots for your plants indoors and out. 

The beautiful deer-resistant flowers on a Butterfly bush continue blooming until the first frost. The clusters of purple, white, or yellow flowers form a conical shape. These shrubby plants grow as perennials and are evergreen or deciduous, depending on your climate. The beauty of growing butterfly bush cultivars in your garden is that they still flower when many other plants have stopped. Their stiff stems and flower clusters create attractive cut flowers displays. Despite their delicate scent and appearance, butterfly bushes are astoundingly resilient and easy to grow, exhibiting hardiness from zones 5 through 9! 

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What To Do in the Garden

  • Start your first seeds inside for broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, head lettuce, onions, and parsley. 

  • Give your indoor houseplants a good cleaning. Dust settles on leaves and clogs "pores", hindering light penetration as well as gas and moisture exchange.

  • Start carpentry projects like cold frames, trellises, and indoor lighting set-ups.

  • Collect all of your seed starting equipment together so you’ll be ready to go.

  • Many perennial flowers should be started inside by the end of the month.

  • If you harvested your own seeds from the garden, be sure that they are dried out and labeled and that you have good storage for them.

  • Assess your tools and note any repairs, even replacing some.

  • Continue to clean up garden debris as  needed.

  • You can direct sow cabbage seeds and onion seeds outdoors. Be sure to plant them in a cold frame or under row covers for added protection.


Perennials - Pull weeds and add fertilizer to established strawberry and asparagus beds. Mulch the beds. Add a vibrant splash of green to your home with houseplants today!

While you don't prune trees and shrubs at this point in the year, you can still clean up dead limbs or hanging, broken branches.

Year-round plants for landscaping can also include plants that have berries, such as viburnum, barberry or holly. They may also be plants with interesting seed heads throughout winter, like Echinacea and Sedum Autumn Joy.

Keeping up with tasks like mulching, weeding, and pruning will keep your garden looking great and keep your plants happy and productive.

No matter what you’re planting, I hope your garden is a source of pleasure as well as sustenance! Have fun in the garden, teach your kids to garden and enjoy the harvest!

Available seasonally!

Our 2024 Fruit & Nut trees List, Click Here

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