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Here is our Bare Root Fruit Tree list for 2021! We are taking orders now, so if you didn't get the fruit trees you wanted last year for your garden, this is your opportunity.

50% down gets them 10% off!


If you want a stunning show of color in spring, now is the time to plan your bulb garden. Daffodils, tulips, crocus, hyacinths and other spring-blooming bulbs are planted in fall. They grow roots into early winter, then rest until it's time to sprout and bloom in early to late spring, depending on the type.  Added bonus for our area is that many are deer resistant!! Shop early for the best selection. 


We have great tree selections for gorgeous fall color-- October Glory Maples, Autumn Fantasy Maples, Chinese Pistache, and Liquid Amber. We also carry 4” choices for foothill garden success from Emerisa Gardens! Our Roses are in containers fully budded and blooming, grown by Weeks Roses and shipped to us ready to plant! Price will be approx $35 for shrubs and climbing roses, and $45 for small trees.

We have 5-gal trees: Autumn Fantasy Red Maple, Trident Maple, Japanese Maple, European Birch, Cider Gum, Fremont Cottonwood (seedless), Chinese Pistache, Krauter Vesuvius Purple Plum, and some California Bay. Plus some 1 gal Deodar Cedars. 


We have wonderful gift selections and garden items to please anyone besides a selection of seasonal annuals and hardy perennials. Come and get em! Ground covers, evergreen shrubs and trees that will jazz up the gardens with fruit in summer and glorious fall leaves every year, we have them all.  


We would be happy to answer your questions or assist you with a special order. You may use the e-mail option below, or stop in and speak with one of our friendly garden professionals.


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From Sacramento:  take Hwy 16 east to Hwy 49 junction, go through Jackson, connect at Hwy 88 to Pine Grove, turn left on Upper Ridge Road to the Garden Center.

From Jackson:  take Hwy 88 to Pine Grove, turn left on Upper Ridge Road to the Garden Center.

From Pioneer: take Hwy 88 west to Pine Grove, turn right on Upper Ridge Road to the Garden Center.

From Stockton:  take Hwy 88 east to Ridge Road, turn left on Ridge Road, cross Hwy 49, continue on Ridge Road to Upper Ridge Road, turn left to the Garden Center.

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