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Spring Onions

The Ridge Road Garden Center is situated on one acre in the foothills in Pine Grove, CA; the gift shop is 1600 square feet of unique and often one-of-a-kind gifts. It isn’t too early to get a jump start on the next growing season. There’s usually something to do for your garden at any point in the year. It could be actual hands-on chores or preparing for the next season.

If you live in zones 7-8 the end of January is your time to start onion seedlings. Onion seedlings will need a solid 8 weeks or more to get to transplanting size. Decide on when you want to plant your seedlings outside and then count back approximately 8-10 weeks. 


The Garden Center offers Gift certificates, house plants, yard art, tools & more!🌱🌿🌼💝 Check out our colorful perennials, shrubs and plants. We just received a shipment of lovely Orchids perfect for Valentine's Day! If you want a stunning show of color in spring, now is the time to plan your bulb garden. Daffodils, tulips, crocus, hyacinths and other spring-blooming bulbs are planted in fall. They grow roots into early winter, then rest until it's time to sprout and bloom in early to late spring, depending on the type. Added bonus for our area is that many are deer resistant!! Shop early for the best selections. Lots of interesting new varieties and types of fruit each year. 


Annuals such as Mahonia, ornamental kale, Mandevilla, violas, Coleus, Begonia, petunia, snapdragon, stock, sweet alyssum, nasturtiums and geraniums have a long bloom period and are great standards for every garden. There is such an abundance of lovely seasonal perennials for your gardens. Don't forget about the wonderful ornamental grasses and flowering lawn covers like Red Apple and flowering Thyme. 


Wonderful Gifts!

So many selections sure to please our Foothill neighbors! The Garden Center has wonderful items for all the special occasions in your lives--birthdays, holidays, retirement, 'Get Well' gifts, anniversaries, gifts for new mothers and fathers, too. If you can't decide, a Gift Certificate is always perfect! We have the cutest gifts from Universal IronworksWe also have garden knee pads, new Renee's Garden Seed varieties, plant movers, planting mix, statuary, birdbaths, wind-chimes, gazing balls, garden art, herbal products, garden pots, and garden tools, besides a wonderful variety of lush and beautiful house plants. Selections are wonderful all year long; come and see what we have to offer... it changes seasonally and often weekly. We also carry local artists' gemstones & minerals, copper mobiles, gourd art, water color cards, soy candles and so much more! 

House plants & Shade plants

You'll love our comprehensive shade plant section under the arbor; lush and beautiful, with garden statuary and whimsical garden décor. We carry ferns, houseplants and outdoor shade selections: caladium, nettle, hosta, hellebore, heuchera, begonia, Peace lily, callas, Lenten rose, coleus, impatiens & others, depending on the season. Stop by soon and browse our Garden Center and Nursery! Visit us soon!


Seasonal News & Arrivals

Primrose, Anemones & More!

Early blooming flowers like Prim rose, Anemones, Pansies, and Ranunculus plants have arrived. These are perfect for cheering up your winter gardens, and they love the cooler weather! Come get yours while the selection is good. We have many other garden items that everyone will love! Check out our locally-made pottery for all your indoor succulents. We have garden knee pads, garden pots for your porch or deck, garden art, vases, gemstones, house plants, and statuary. We have lotions for those garden hands, and solar lights to beautify your gardens at night. Beautiful pots, & other garden goodies too many to mention are here for your favorite gardeners! See our Products


Our potted rose list is available for April delivery. They are not bare root. They come fully planted and blooming beautifully the first week of April, like the Dick Clark rose shown to the left... grown by Weeks Roses and shipped to us ready to plant! Check out our available roses in this list. 2021 Roses


The Ridge Road nursery is stocked with beautiful seasonal plants, flowers, shrubs, trees, ground covers, unique statuary and birdbath designs, and grasses besides a bounty of wonderful gift items to select from in our Garden Center. See our whimsical garden statuary, religious figures, and assorted critters. See the Pest Guard, portable protection for your plants and veggies. Check out the planters, top of the line pruning shears and more. It's almost time to get your gardens ready for spring; buy new pots to highlight your plants indoors and out. 

Fruit and Nut trees

Over 50 varieties of bare root fruit and nut trees!🍎🍐🍒🍑 Come and see our healthy fruit and nut trees; one is just perfect for your backyard. Beautiful spring flowers on these fruit trees. For the healthiest trees and tastiest fruit, choose the sunniest available planting location. Spacing depends on your garden plan, how much fruit you want from each tree, how many trees are wanted in the total space available and how you intend to control tree size (small trees maintained by summer pruning are much easier to spray, thin, prune and harvest than large trees). Plan your 2021 garden now and include fruit trees!

2021 Bareroot Fruit & trees and Ornamentals

Any time is the right time to snuggle in bright and cheery plants to brighten up porch or walkways! Dress it up with colorful flowers and plants! Check out the garden center for what's blooming. We also have wonderful gift items for any occasion! Peruse our nursery to find that perfect item for your garden, or a friend's garden. Plan your 2021 vegetable garden now and come see the huge variety of seeds we have. Plant something new this coming year, try a new vegetable or herb. We will also have healthy seedlings available in the spring. 


What To Do in the Garden

  • Direct sow cabbage seeds and onion seeds outdoors. Be sure to plant them in a cold frame or under row covers for added protection.

  • Do your deciduous fruit tree pruning now and citrus pruning mid-February. 

  • Check for frost heaves around your outdoor plants and apply mulch as needed.

  • Keep covers handy to protect cold-sensitive crops from frosts and freezes.

  • Time to plant your spring bulbs for 2021.

  • Pansy and other viola planting time has finally arrived.

  • Winter is a stress-free time to add hardy trees, shrubs and ground covers.

  • Camellias bloom throughout winter; select and plant your favorite colors.

  • Hurry to plant wildflower gardens on mild, sunny days to have blooms for spring.

  • Eliminate invading vines covering trees and shrubs.


Perennials - While many plants are dormant during the winter months, there are plants that can survive and even thrive in the cold. Snowdrops grow well in zones 3 through 7. They are one of the earliest blooming flowers in the spring, often peeking up through the snow as early as February. They do best in well-drained soils and are well adapted to rock gardens. These plants provide color and beauty against a stark and sometimes dreary winter landscape. Planting a variety of winter blooming plants will add interest to your garden until warm weather plants start blooming in the spring. Whether you prefer bulbs, bushes or trees in your garden, there are plants that will grow and provide pleasing blooms, even in the winter.


Frosts or freeze could arrive at any time; be ready to protect your cold-sensitive plants. Easy annuals to grow from seed which provide an equally bold splash of color are Four O'clock, Cosmos, Zinnias, nasturtiums, calendula and cornflowers. Container gardens make attractive accents to grow in the problem landscape spots.

Blueberry bushes make good companions for other species of fruiting shrubs. These include red raspberry varieties like "Heritage" which grows in USDA zones 4 through 8, and American high bush cranberry which grows in USDA zones 2 through 7. Cranberry and blueberry are native to similar moist, free-draining areas, which suit raspberries as well. The three shrubs may flower and fruit in light shade, but do best in full sun. Cranberry and blueberry complement each other with bright fall leaves.

Kale – It's always the perfect time to sow kale and chard. They thrive in the cold, they don't blink in the heat and they're one of the most abundant plants in your garden from the moment you plant them all the way to winter. Be sure to enjoy the nutritional plant thinning's in your salads or stir fry! Leeks are another great plant that you can get started indoors. Broccoli is another great vegetable to get started in January. Especially for zones 7-8, it’s important to get broccoli started early before the warm weather sets in.


January is a great time to get lettuce seedlings started. We love fresh lettuce, so it’s on the top of my list of what to plant in January! Leaf lettuce seems to tolerate the cold better than head lettuce does, so look for hardy varieties.  

Chives tolerate cold well and add depth of flavor to soups, stews and egg dishes. Other herbs, like thyme or parsley, are the perfect size for a cold frame or small indoor garden. Cooking with herbs is a lovely way to bring the freshness of summer into the winter months.

Tree Berries

Knowing which berries grow on trees will help you design a garden full of edible and ornamental berries. Berry trees are easy to grow. Many berry trees also attract song birds to the garden. If you're planning a garden to nurture nature, planting berry trees such as elderberry, mulberry, and holly provides birds with enticing food choices and shelter to build nests. Add perennials and elements such as feeders and bird baths, sit back, and enjoy the show!

Berry Branches
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