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The Ridge Road Garden Center is situated on one acre in the foothills in Pine Grove, CA; the gift shop is 1600 square feet of unique and often one-of-a-kind gifts. The Garden Center offers Gift certificates, house plants, yard art, tools & more!🌱🌿🌼💝

We have several beauties from Emerisa Nursery and Wild Geese Farms!! Over 50 varieties of FRUIT & NUT trees suitable for foothill orchards ready for planting! Lots of interesting new varieties and types of fruit. Pieris and Rhododendrons have also arrived and are budded and ready to bloom in your garden!


Our Roses are here in containers fully budded and blooming. Grown by Weeks Roses and shipped to us ready to plant! Price will be approx $35 for shrubs and climbing roses and $45 for small trees. Summer days are hot. Planting water thrifty hanging plants and annuals now is the perfect antidote to the quarantine blues with the promise of dazzling garden displays until fall. As your annuals peak out, replace them with new ones to keep your garden fresh and beautiful. 


Plant annuals now such as Cosmos, Sunflowers, Mandevilla, Ageratum, Coleus, African daisy, petunia, snapdragon, stock, sweet alyssum, and geraniums. Keep them well watered, especially as the temperature warms. Fill pots and borders with colorful Agapanthus, Petunias, trailing foliage, Cleome, and Portulaca. For the cut flower garden, we have a riot of color such as Astilbe, mums, Crocosmia, Daylily, Hydrangea, Snapdragons, geraniums, and other lovely perennials for your gardens. 


Wonderful Gifts!

So many selections sure to please our Foothill neighbors! The Garden Center has wonderful items for all the special occasions in your lives--birthdays, holidays, retirement, 'Get Well' gifts, anniversaries, gifts for new mothers and fathers, too. If you can't decide, a Gift Certificate is always perfect! We have the cutest gifts from Universal IronworksWe also have garden knee pads, new Renee's Garden Seed varieties, plant movers, planting mix, statuary, birdbaths, wind-chimes, gazing balls, garden art, herbal products, pots, and garden tools, besides a wonderful variety of lush, and beautiful house plants. Selections are wonderful all year long; come and see what we have to offer... it changes seasonally and often weekly. We also carry local artists' gemstones & minerals, copper mobiles, gourd art, water color cards, soy candles and so much more! 

House plants & Shade plants

You'll love our comprehensive shade plant section under the arbor; lush and beautiful, with garden statuary and whimsical garden decor. We have ferns, houseplants and outdoor shade selections: caladium, nettle, hosta, hellebore, heuchera, begonia, Peace lily, callas, Lenten rose, coleus, impatiens & others, depending on the season. Stop by soon and browse our Garden Center and Nursery! For your gardener friends & family, this is a 'One Stop' shopping bonanza! Visit us soon!

Seasonal News & Arrivals


Beautiful Gifts, & Products 

BE WELL 🌱 BE GARDENING OUTSIDE. Naturally grown, local tomatoes from Wild Geese Farms have arrived, and are looking for their summer home! Check out our locally-made pottery for all your succulents. We also have garden knee pads, garden pots for your porch or deck, garden art, vases, wind chimes, gemstones, house plants, and statuary. We have lotions for those garden hands, and scents to keep mosquitoes away besides solar lights to beautify your gardens. Beautiful pots, & other garden goodies for your favorite gardener!

Garden Center

The Ridge Road nursery is stocked with beautiful seasonal plants, flowers, shrubs, trees, ground covers, unique statuary and birdbath designs and grasses besides a bounty of wonderful gift items to select from in our Garden Center. Come to see all we have to offer; new items come in weekly! See the Pest Guard, portable protection for your plants and veggies. Check out the statuary, planters and baskets, solar lights, top of the line pruning shears and more. It's time to perk up  your gardens to survive the summer heat; buy new pots to highlight your plants indoors and out.

Fruit and Nut trees

Over 50 varieties of bare root fruit and nut trees!🍎🍐🍒🍑 Start planning your orchard today!  Come and see our healthy fruit and nut trees; one is just perfect for your backyard. For the healthiest trees and tastiest fruit, choose the sunniest available planting location. Spacing depends on your garden plan, how much fruit you want from each tree, how many trees are wanted in the total space available and how you intend to control tree size (small trees maintained by summer pruning are much easier to spray, thin, prune and harvest than large trees). Plan your 2020 garden now and include fruit trees!

2020 Bareroot Fruit & trees and Ornamentals

BARE ROOT ready for pick up and planting... Over 50 varieties of FRUIT & NUT trees suitable for foothill orchards‼️Our Roses have arrived. It's time to snuggle in those bright and cheery plants to brighten up porch or walkways this year! Dress it up with colorful flowers and plants! Remember how versatile pansies are! We have wonderful gift items for any occasion, besides house plants that are vibrant and ready to go home with you. Visit us Soon!


What To Do in the Garden

  • Sow lawn seed on well-prepared soil and keep the soil moist while it germinates.Repair any bare patches in your lawn.

  • Continue to remove suckers from tomato plants and to check that they are supported either with stakes or tomato cages.

  • Fertilize heat-resistant flowers such as coleus, hibiscus, Melampodium, Pentas, plumbago, moss rose, and zinnias.

  • Weeds can become a problem during July. It’s important to stay on top of them, or they’ll take over your garden.

  • Pinch mums one last time. Pinching later in the summer would reduce the blooms that you are counting on for fall displays. 

  • July is a great month to prune your berry plants. As the berries finish up, cut out any old canes from blackberry or raspberry plants.

  • Mow as high as possible—that will result in a healthier lawn with deeper roots.

  • Always practice effective watering by watering the soil around the base of the plants rather than the foliage. 

  • Consider dividing bearded iris now. If your plants did not bloom well, chances are they need to be divided. 

  • Add seasonal flowering plants to sidewalks, porch, etc.

  • Water the roses slow and deep. Add mulch to help suppress weeds.

  • In late July, consider a fall crop of snow peas, spinach, or lettuce. Other cool season crops do well in mid to late summer to give you a nice fall harvest.


Perennials-Check out various deer-resistant perennials. Prune your penstemons now - cut back all the old shoots to the base, provided there is new growth at the bottom of the plant. If there are no new shoots at the base, cut just above the lowest set of leaves. Easy annuals to grow from seed which provide an equally bold splash of color are Four O'clocks, Cosmos, Zinnias, nasturtiums, calendula and cornflowers. 

Blueberry bushes make good companions for other species of fruiting shrubs. These include red raspberry varieties like "Heritage" which grows in USDA zones 4 through 8, and American high bush cranberry which grows in USDA zones 2 through 7. Cranberry and blueberry are native to similar moist, free-draining areas, which suit raspberries as well. The three shrubs may flower and fruit in light shade, but do best in full sun. Cranberry and blueberry complement each other with bright fall leaves.

Sweet alyssum is a flower to grow for its light fragrance; it creeps along the ground creating a carpet of beauty in white or purple. It tolerates heat and cool weather well, and has winter blooms. Petunias are wonderful, colorful perennials to plant, also. We have lovely cheerful hanging baskets for your patio and porch! 

Pruning - Always dead head to prolong the bloom season for your flowers, and add bright annuals as the summer goes on to keep your garden looking beautiful. We have a great selection of blooming perennials and annuals! 

Beets and Carrots - These grow well tucked directly in the soil anytime early spring through late summer. Know that beet seeds often have 3 to 5 'seeds' inside, so thinning beets and chard (they're the same genus/species) is critical for healthy, abundant plants. These thinning's are also delicious in salads. 


Though carrots are truly only a single seed, they are even more sensitive to being to densely planted. Thinning before your seedlings are two inches tall is the dream. Carrots take nearly twice as long to germinate as beets. Spread a nice layer of fresh mulch or compost on your beds, also to retain moisture during the summer. 

Kale – It's always the perfect time to sow kale and chard. They thrive in the cool, they don't blink in the heat and they're one of the most abundant plants in your garden from the moment you plant them all the way to winter. Be sure to enjoy the thinning's in your salads or stir fry!

Cilantro loves to grow in the cooler months, in fact surviving the winter when it's sown in September. And it readily re-grows in the cool, often several times, before it bolts. Also, cilantro hates being transplanted. For a constant harvest of cilantro over the summer, sow a fresh row every 2-3 weeks and keep it well-watered. Growing in the shade of taller plants (tomatoes, pole beans) will help your cilantro resist bolting, as well.

Garden Shrubs - As everything starts growing in earnest, it's a good time to give garden shrubs a feed; sprinkle a general fertilizer around the base of all the shrubs and plants. Suitable fertilizers would be blood fish and bone, Chicken Manure and slow release pellets. Handle with gloves and don't do this on a windy day. 

The garden center is full of wonderful, colorful choices. This is a great time to plant perennials, veggies, shrubs, and trees also, with an eye to this year's fall color. Encourage hungry birds into your garden by investing in bird baths and bird feeders. Our feathered friends will keep pest numbers down, bringing joy  to the garden. Come and see all we have to offer!

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